Getting anywhere in the city is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!

As I stepped into the world today, I mentally prepared myself as I always do and I will tell you why.  When I walk down the street, not only do I have to deal with cat calls from unappealing men or women, I also have to deal with not being seen half the time. For example, as I was boarding the train today, a woman that towered over me just kept shoving me with her bag and her ass was literally in  my face. I said, “Excuse me!!”  As she looked around, it was obvious she didn’t know where the voice came from. Finally, she looked down and said, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”  I’m like, “Well, OK.” It’s not her fault I’m so small. I was also with my mini me, which was a double whammy because she is extra tiny for her age, and as we were looking at the tree at Rockefeller center, I was just like, “HELLO!! Why don’t you just step on my face?!”   We were there for about 15 minutes when we finally gave in and decided to make our journey home. I know that everyone goes through this craziness while living in NYC, but for us small people it really sucks.

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