Spirit Killer

darkOne day you wake up just like every other day…
The day goes by and takes a turn for the worst.
Here you are thinking you are doing a fantastic job with yourself and all things that surround you.
You thought wrong.
You ain’t shit!
You’re not as good as you thought you were if ever!
You lack in more places than you thought!
You aren’t good enough and never will be!

Where do you get such an idea?
From the very person you thought you would never hear those words from…
Your partner, your lover, your best friend….
Or so you thought.

This person isn’t who you thought them to be…

I am so extremely and utterly heart broken from the news…bh
My spirit has been broken…
I don’t have the energy for much…
But I do know this…
I am trying my best and doing the best I can to achieve greatness and sometimes that isn’t enough for anyone.

That isn’t going to stop me from running to my goals…
It just dimmed the fire that I had in my soul and now I am lost in the dark…not knowing which way to turn.

It’s a shame when things don’t workout the way you want them to.

But ask your self…do you really want a fire fighter at your bonfire?

8 thoughts on “Spirit Killer

      1. are you sure, you’re okay love? i find you a really beautiful and warm lady! don’t be upset, okay? if i could i’d feed you, and sing you poetry all night!

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