As you all may well know I am single and sure as hell not ready to mingle…

Especially in this day and age where dehuminazing a person is a thing.. how can you tell by looking at a picture of someone and reading a synopsis of their life help you make a choice if that person is good enough for you?

As I swiped away I didn’t like the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach like it was criminal what I was doing. And to me it was.2cd9a7a0-9208-0133-b2e8-0e438b3b98d1.gif

I deleted the app and have agreed to meet people the old fashion way which was original plan. My bestie from the resty lol wanted me to explore these apps but as I told her I’m not a fan. It just contribute to this generation’s attention spans and not being able to focus long enough to actually get to know someone.

As I am trying to re-acclimate myself to the world and society it reminds me of when I was in my early twenties which feels like a century ago. Drinking till the sun came up with random people I didn’t know having a great time.

I am hoping that in this new app age that it will be a little like that.

“Here’s looking at you kid!”

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