OPRWhen life gives you a kick in the ass and you’re like ok, ok…I got It!

How do you know if you really love someone?
How do you know that person loves you in return?

How do you know that your relationship isn’t going to work?
I can give you a tiny tidbit of that… it’s when you feel you have to dampen your personality and basically the very essence of who you really are. Hiding under a rock not to scare away your significant other. Here’s the gag though you totally forget who that person lost her in the process of being loved or loving the other person.
How do we know it’s love?HEART FIGHT
The answer lies in who you are and if that person is willing to love the good the bad the ugly.

So when do you finally find this girl?
Being alone…Enjoying alone time…breaking away from a relationship you thought was good for you. Not saying the other person was horrible…the person was not meant for you….and that’s ok!

When you spend time alone you start to think of all the ridiculousness you tried to kill your essence… and she starts peeking out again and putting a smile on your face. You start doing the things that make you happy no matter how crazy it may sound because the very core of who you are is never to take life for granted and enjoy the fruits of nature and what the world has to offer!

So Was I living? No…I wasnt… I just put myself on hold for something that never turned into anything. That’s life isn’t it?… “You live, you learn!”




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