The Rules of Dating? 🤔

Has anyone ever looked up the rules of dating on a search engine ?

I mean come on.. there are so many…

1)Don’t sleep with him on the first date..

2)Don’t seek him..let him seek you..

3)Don’t go to his house… It’s a booty call.

4) if you want to be serious don’t do all the above..

I call Bullshit on all those stupid ass rules..

If a guy is interested yes he is going to seek you but you also have to reciprocate… if not he will ghost your ass… I hate that whole don’t text back immediately shit…

If you want to have sex with your date on the first date…why not? Do what you feel.

You get the gist…

What I am basically saying is… I have no rules that I am following and I feel amazing…maybe the happiest I’ve ever been in my life..

Why??? Because I have no expectations once you start expecting something in return from anyone you are on a road to misery…. just let yourself go and be free…

I am super ok with being single, being alone..I enjoy my own company…I do things that enrich my life on my own and if there is someone else that will love to get on that ride with me great if not that’s great too…

Don’t seek happiness in someone else because you’re not going to find it… You have to find it in yourself first.

Fuck all the rules be yourself, relax, learn from people and just be free… be ALIVE!

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