Innocence Lost

Looking at mom’s on the train with multiple children… One in a carrier the other big enough to sit by herself looking out the window.

I have never in my life craved to have multiple children…

When people ask me if I want to have more children I yell out No!

It’s not that I hate children…I love them I think they are a gift to the world and a reminder of innocence in the world.

The world that we live in is a sad, dark, and depressing place. Yes, we do have things that are beautiful but unfortunately there is more ugly then beauty.

So Much hate..So much war…So much dissapointment as a human race.

I don’t want to bring anymore children in the world where innocence is dead and giving blow jobs at 10 years old and sending dick pics at 13 is the norm.

I hate that this is what the world has come to.

There is literally nothing I can do to stop time, or evolution.

I just wish that for a little while children can stay in their carrier and looking out the window of the train with wonder for just a little while longer.

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