Carrie Anne

I was having a convhangouts destktopersation with a friend on messenger and we were talking about dating and enjoying our lives as we meet so many new people…

but then there is this voice in your head, self doubt, criticism, basically telling you how much of a piece of shit you are and how unworthy you are of all these good things.

Not saying that this is the type of people we are but that voice does come out sometimes and us women have it a little more constant than guys.


So my friend says lets name her… I tried to name her Delilah after Samson and Delilah but she said “nah, I was thinking of a name with a C” I was like hmmmm

Then she comes out and says “Carrie Anne”…. She said “that name sounds like a crazy chick”… She said “Carrie Anne is nuts..” I agreed!

So as we are talking about other things thats going on in our lives presently and then who comes to great me but that fucking bitch Carrie Anne.

Dating is like walking in a dark cave blind folded not knowing when you are going to walk off the edge..well atleast it is for me. You like each other but most likely both of you have so much baggage and twisted shit going on in your mind that you do not want to let the other person know how you feel or scare them away.

Carrie Anne wants to fuck up something that really isnt anything at the time. She is trying to twist my thoughts and make me walk away from whatever it is I am doing..”dont be vulnerable you pussy” she says… I am at an age where I really dont give a shit… If I am vulnerable, raw and to the core… It’s either you are going to like me for who I am or like me for who I am not… Liking me for who I am not was for my twenties.

So I write on here to tell  this fucking whore Carrie Anne to go Fuck herself and dissapear.

Live your life, break the rules, and dance in the rain! dance-in-the-rain,-black-dress,-wet-woman-245716

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