The Psycho Inside

When all is calm and all is right…

What do you here but the pitter patter of evil little feet…

Who is it?

The psycho inside

The more you try and hide from that bastard the more he makes himself visable and follows you through all the corners of your brain.

You can be sitting across from someone having a grand old time and you here him whispering in your ear…” What the fuck? Do you think he really likes you? Do you think you are of any significance to this person?” The funny thing about this is that my rational brain can give 2 fucks…

I have always been the type of person to live in the moment. I have never been one to linger, or dwell on anything… If it doesn’t work it just doesnt…

It’s like that last puzzle piece that wasn’t meant to be in the box but you still try to make it fit…

Thats the psycho inside!

The psycho inside is not to be confused with Carrie Anne… That bitch is a totally different monster.

All I want is this fucking psycho to do for once is have several seats and let me live in the moment!

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