Poisonous Vulnerability

When alone and thoughts rush thru your head…

Thinking to yourself..What The hell is it all for? The games…the bullshit…

Not being your authentic self posing as a rep for the real you..๐Ÿค”

Why not just be yourself?

We hear it all the time…so why not just do it…

We are deathly afraid of people really getting to know you. Why? Because we fear scaring them away…

But then what’s the alternative?

Showing them your rep and having them fall in love with someone who isn’t you?

It’s all fucked up…

It’s fucking annoying…

Vulnernablitiy is like a poison to me… once someone gets in you’re fucked!

It’s a fucked up way to look at it but this is how my mind works…

When a great amount of tragedy has happened in your life and your heart has been pulled out of your body along with your soul numerous times… vulnerability becomes your enemy…you will do anything to keep it safe.

Even if it’s living a life alone full of misery, just to never feel that pain again.

Life is too short but way too long to feel that pain for a lifetime.

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