St. Patrick Calls Me In…

As I walked passed St. Patricks Cathedral on my way to work this morning, I had a gravitational pull towards it…

I walked in…had security check my bag…

There was a mass in session at the moment but I just wanted my own solitude with God. I walked towards one of the many beautiful alters they have and lit a candle…

As I lit that candle and put my head down to pray my eyes filled up with tears… I was so thankful to him for saving my life a few weeks back and over and over again throughout my life!

I asked him to forgive me for my sins and for the ones I continue to commit unknowingly.

Even though I have had a rough go at life…I thank him for all of the good that I have!

It could be so much worse and I know that and remind myself of that every single day before I close my eyes.

I am not going to repeat the conversation I had with God this morning but it did break my heart!

All this is to say if you ever feel that pull in your life in anything dont ignore it…Listen and just do it!

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