My Arizona Trip (Sedona & Grand Canyon)

This was my first trip ever on my own…Totally alone.

It was a magnificent amazing trip with the self and getting know who I was again.

It was extremely overwhelming to see the Canyon… My heart felt as if it were to going explode with the grandness,vastness, and beauty of the Canyon.

It reminds you of how magnificent we are as human beings and how much of a gift is to be alive and able to explore these beautiful places.

Allow yourself to explore and go on your own adventures once in a while.

IMG_3987IMG_3990IMG_3992IMG_4017IMG_4020IMG_4055IMG_4070IMG_4098IMG_4107San Fran Mountain


El Faro, Cabo Rojo, PR

At the top of a hill looking down to a beautiful private beach called “Playa Sucia” (Dirty Beach) which it was not dirty at all it was crystal blue and just gorgeous. When you are from NYC to stand at the top of this hill without any buildings blocking anything was just a beautiful soul cleansing experience… Thank you PR for all the picturesque views.